The Flying Dead: 10 Heroic Comic Book Zombies

Sure, most zombies are - if not outright evil - of the brain-chomping variety. But a rare few in comics break past their undead upbringing, and become heroes. Here are ten comic book zombies who brain-k the mold:

10. Dead Girl

A member of Marvel’s X-Statix, Dead Girl had her mutant powers activated after death - in case you couldn’t have guessed. Her powers include recovering from nearly any injury, reanimating the dead, and being a little bit of a jerk.

9. The Crow

After a young man watches his girlfriend get beaten and killed in front of him, and is killed himself, he’s resurrected as the spirit of vengeance known as The Crow. Using his new supernatural powers, he goes over the killers who took out his girlfriend, and rips them to shreds. Regular Superman, that guy.

8. Simon Dark

This short lived DC series by Steve Niles featured a main character created out of the bodies of twenty murdered boys, then reanimated by magic and science. Though you could argue that Simon Dark is a little more of a Frankenstein’s Monster than a Zombie, you could also argue that a Frankenstein Monster IS a zombie. Point being, you can argue a lot of things, so we’re right, so shut it.

7. Headpool

While most of the infected Marvel Zombies were - and are - evil, since the Merc With a Mouth Deadpool was already kind of evil, when turned into a severed zombie head, he sort of became a good guy. Teaming up with first his regular universe, full bodied counterpart; then a whole team including a dog version of Deadpool, Headpool may be the most heroic body part since The Addams Family’s Thing.

6. iZombie

Though not quite a superhero, Gwen - the star of Vertigo’s iZombie - is a good zombie. She only eats brains once a month, and only recently deceased brains at that. And with the power to consume their thoughts as well as slurpy grey goodness, Gwen can solve mysteries, too! 

5. Super-Zombies

Guess what this comic from Dynamite was about? When a deadly virus transforms the population into zombies, it also grants a select few zombie superpowers. Some go evil, some good, and its zombies versus zombies. Crisis on Infinite Brains!

4. Bloodstrike

After being killed in action, Cabbot Stone was reanimated as the elite assassin known as Bloodstrike. Rather than being indestructible, Cabbot can be killed and ripped to shreds over and over, only to be returned to service time and again by the shady government agency Project: Born Again.

3. Spawn

Al Simmons was killed, sent to Hell, and came back to unlife as the horribly scarred vigilante known as Spawn. Later, it turned out he was supposed to be the general of a Hell army or something, but the important thing to take away here is that his body was made out of necroplasm, and he looks really cool. So take that, ‘90s detractors.

2. The Un-Men

First introduced as adversaries of DC’s Swamp Thing, The Un-Men are dead things reanimated by magic and - at first - controlled by the evil Anton Arcane. Over time, the Un-Men broke out into their own series, and fought evil on their own (while also forming a society and government of their own, too).

1. Zombie

Marvel’s Zombie with a soul, Simon William Garth, has been trying to regain vestiges of his lost humanity for decades (in the comics, at least). Though he’s often been manipulated toward evil by magical forces, he’s able to use his force of will to break free and sometimes save the day.