Exclusive Previews: IDW's 'Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow' #14 and 'Eternal Descent' #5

IDW Publishing has sent along a couple of exclusive peeks at what they've got to offer up on next Wednesday's New Comic Book Day! Click the images for previews.

First up we've got "Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow" #14, which features the second part of the "Serpent's Shadow" storyline, which promises "Ninja versus Ninja" action! What more do you need to know?

Snake Eyes goes deeper into the Arashikage clan - but will his mission succeed or will STORM SHADOW corrupt the commando? Differnces will have to be put aside as both turn their swords against - Zartan!

Next we have a look at the fantasy-actioner "Eternal Descent" #5!

Caught in an apocalyptic future ravaged by khaos, Lyra finds herself mistaken for the enemy, facing off against Angela Gossow and her mercenary force of human resistance fighters. Metal master Michael Amott lies at the heart of this dark reality, empowered by a mysterious guitar carved from solid amber. Obsessed with the instrument and the amber, Michael exhibits strange and unearthly powers beyond his comprehension. Can Lyra and Angela reconcile their past and confront Michael before he loses control?! Find out, as special guests Arch Enemy make their Eternal Descent debut.

Both titles hit shelves on June 20!