Is 'ThunderCats' Canceled? Can You Save Third Earth?

Back in March, as we reported Cartoon Network's celebration of its 20th year of programming with an announcement of all of their new shows for the 2012-2013 season, conspicuously missing was any word of the return of ThunderCats.

Where did it go wrong for the ThunderCats reboot? Some strong plotting along with slick new designs and animation seemed to be the formula for a successful return of the nearly 30-year-old franchise, but it looks like tonight's season finale episode, the second part of "What Lies Above," will be the series' finale.

ThunderCats 'What Lies Above' – Part Two Clip 1

Over at The Nerdist, writer Brian Walton suspects ThunderCats may be the victim of a mix of shifting demographics for Cartoon Network.

ThunderCats 'What Lies Above' – Part Two Clip 2

For the record, I'm not sure age was necessarily a factor, given that the similarly youth-skewing Adventure Time and Regular Show both pull in solid ratings while attracting older viewers along with their intended younger audiences, so something else is possibly going on with the 'Cats. We reached out back in March for some kind of confirmation or news on the status of the show from Cartoon Network/WB representatives, but received no reply.

Keep in mind, there's been no official announcement that the show has, in fact, been canceled, but the lack of any kind of concrete news about the next season doesn't bode well for the show.

So what can you do about it? Well, back to The Nerdist again, who've helpfully linked to this Save ThunderCats Tumblr, which hopes to attract attention to the show's plight in the oldest way possible: using pretty women in little to no clothing (wait, what?). Actually, the effort is being organized by model Marisha Ray, who's hoping to direct readers to this petition which she's hoping to get up to 1500 signatures (it's currently at 1410 as of this writing) demanding that Warner Brothers keep the show on the air.

So will you add your name to the list? At the very least, check out tomorrow's finale and let Cartoon Network know that you're watching as ThunderCats airs Saturday at 9:30 am ET.