'Not So Fast, Boreanaz!' Says 'Bones' Producer

Yesterday we told you about some intriguing Tweets sent out by "Bones" star David Boreanaz that hinted at a possible end to the long-running Fox procedural.

But all that talk might not be about the end of the show, it might be about possible contract negotiations for the onetime "Angel." "Bones" creator Hart Hanson told EW that the show ain't going anywhere:

We are in no way planning for it to be the last season. I mean anything can happen in a complicated world but we’re very, very confident in having at least a Season 9, and I can see as far as Season 10 before my eyes get misty.

About Boreanez's comments he went on to say:

It's never out of nowhere. It’s always connected to something, and his deal is up at the end of Season 8, so it's like, 'Hey, how much do you love me?' It's possible. But again, that's awfully far in advance.

So what do you guys think? Is Boreanaz planning to leave the show? Should he? Should they just end the whole thing? Take it to the comments below and discuss!

[Source: Huffington Post]