The Daily Geek - Fiona Staples 'Pussycats,' the 'Dark Knight Rises' Sountrack, a Bad Robot Bartender and more

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ROCK! Fiona Staples does Josie and the Pussycats!

SECOND ATTACK! Round 2 of our Battle Arena E3 Throwdown is go! Vote to save your fave!

A SOUNDTRACK RISES! Preview the "Dark Knight Rises" soundtrack!

HOW BIG IS INVISIBLE? Scientists measure a phantom limb for the first time!

EVIL! The Lord of Evil from "Adventure Time" by Annie Wu!

HOST PICS! Check out images from the film adaptation "Twlight" author Stephanie Meyer's "The Host" which is directed by Andrew "Gattaca" Niccol!

COMIC BOOK CONVICT! How did Japan's most wanted fugitive escape into a comic book cafe?

KAIJU WARS! Monsters by Benjamin Carré!

WILL SMITH UNCHAINED! Why did Will Smith turn down "Django Unchained"?

ROBO-BARTENDER! This robot bartender better not quit his day job!

Have a killer weekend, Gang!