'Man Of Steel' Flying Into Stores With Mattel Movie Masters, LEGO, and...Mr Potato Head?!

"Man of Steel" photo via Licensing International Expo's Facebook page

A blockbuster superhero movie without tons of swag is like...well, they simply don't exist. Repeat after me: must have swag! And according to news out of the Licensing International Expo in Las Vegas, the upcoming "Man of Steel" will be no different (you can read all about the highly-anticipated movie's costume reveals at the show over at MTV Splashpage). Figures, sneakers, holiday ornaments, you name it -- it's all ripe for slapping an "S" logo on:

Action figures: DC's go-to toy company Mattel obviously takes the lead here, with a collectible "Movie Masters" series on the way, plus playsets and, I would assume, mass-market children's toys. Jakks Pacific has been chosen to put out a separate line of "collectible figures."

LEGO: LEGO sets seems rather standard for any movie at this point, aren't they?

Apparel: Expect "Man of Steel" clothing from a number of companies, including Junk Food; and footwear from Converse, who already has an extensive DC Comics-themed line.

High-end swag: Noble Collection, who is like The Sharper Image of Geek-related products, will be putting out merch for "true enthusiasts" (=$$$).

Mr. Potato Heads: To be fair, this is not going to be a specifically movie-related toy line, but will instead feature classic DC superheroes.

Ornaments and Party Favors: Your little boy or girl can have Henry Cavill's mug grace their birthday hat or Christmas ornament, courtesy of Hallmark.

And there you have it: start saving up! Those $40 Superman-logo die-cast money-clips ain't gonna buy themselves!

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