The Daily Geek - Dave Coulier Everyday, the Twilight Kid and More

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ART! Bad Batman by Alexander Stepanchikov (I love this like...a lot)

BRILLIANT? This Tumblr posts this pic of Dave Coulier...everyday! (via @CinemaSuicide)

RENESMEE IS A FINE NAME I GUESS! Did you guys see Edward and Bella's youngin'?

BOLDLY GO! "Star Trek 2" is coming to IMAX!

ASYLUM! Celebrate 15 years of the masters of the "mock-buster"!

GO TO THE MOVIES! Movie theater attendance is dropping!

FORGET LINCOLN! FDR: American Badass is here!

DON'T GET LOST! 5 people you do NOT want to spend time is Space with!

FASCINATING! This man has been creating his own map for 50 years.