Review: DST's 'Amazing Spider-Man' Marvel Select Figures Battle It Out!

With Sony Pictures' The Amazing Spider-Man headed to theaters on July 3rd, now's the perfect time for action figures based on the film! While Hasbro has released a number of various 3 3/4" figures, their 6" Wal-Mart exclusive line is yet to hit, so Diamond Select Toys is the only show in town for highly-articulated Spidery-goodness. Their Marvel Select line keeps getting better and the movie-based releases have been top notch. Today we're taking a look at both Spider-Man and the Lizard, and let's just see if these figures can do whatever a spider (and lizard) can!

We'll start things off with the bios from the back of their packages, that we already showed off here.


While visiting a science lab where his father once worked, Peter discovered an experiment involving insects and radiation. An irradiated spider bit him when he got too close, and overnight Parker discovered that he had undergone a metamorphosis, gaining strength, speed and agility. At first seeking to use his powers for personal gain, Peter would eventually realize that with great power comes great responsibility, donning a mask to protect his loved ones and help others as the Amazing Spider-Man.

The Lizard

When scientist Dr. Curt Connors lost his right arm in an accident, he decided to put his brilliant mind to the task of replacing it. Studying reptiles that could regenerate lost limbs, Connors began to experiment on himself, ultimately creating a serum that would shift his genetic code closer to that of a lizard. The serum worked, but only too well. Not only did Connors regrow his arm, he grew a tail and scales, as well, taking on the physical appearance-- and cold-blooded nature-- of a reptile. In the heart of New York City, a beast deadlier than any crocodile and smarter than most men plots the extinction of humanity and the rise of a new breed of reptile. Can fledgling hero spider-Man stop the murderous monster newspaper are calling "The Lizard"?

Sculpts for these figures comes courtesy of Gentle Giant and their digital magic, and it was surely needed to convey all the textures and details for the Spider-Man suit. Good gravy, there's a lot of detail there! (Yes, we used "good gravy" in a sentence-- deal with it!) Every last honeycomb design and raised web is present and accounted for, while still being able to incorporate a large amount of articulation. Y'know what? We're just gonna let the pictures speak for themselves when it comes to the sculpts.

Lizard has one of, if not THE, best paint job we've seen out of Diamond Select to date. The entire figure has been molded in the proper green base color, and then airbrushing and drybrushing techniques have been used to bring out the variations and detailing to his scales and muscles. His eyes are painted very cleanly on our copy and are so intricate we honestly can't tell if they're a tampograph or have been hand done. Also his gums and razor-sharp teeth are all individually painted using muted browns and tans instead of the usual jarring white most monster figures manage to sport-- because we all know that evil beasts are such sticklers about dental hygiene! However, the cost to a large amount of paint apps is the inevitable mistakes. On our Lizard figure, the light tan used on his chest finds it's way speckled on his head. Normally, this wouldn't be very noticeable, but his skin is so dark green, it sticks out like crazy. As for Spider-Man, things couldn't be much better. Any scratches you see on our figure are from when we dropped his ass from a fire escape onto the unforgiving pavement below. No kidding.

Articulation for these figures is pretty extensive. The Lizard's movement points consists of a ball-joint neck, swivel/hinge shoulders, swivel/hinge elbows, swivel/hinge wrists, ball-joint torso, swivel/hinges at the base of the tail, hips, and knees, and swivel/hinge ankles like those we saw on the Avengers Hulk figure and current Hasbro figures-- which makes us very, very pleased. Spidey has a ball-joint neck, swivel/hinge shoulders, swivel biceps, hinged elbows, swivel forearms, hinged wrists, a ball-joint torso, swivel/hinge hips, swivel thighs, double-hinged knees, swivel boot tops, and the same great ankles as the Lizard. Speaking of the Lizard's ankles, although they are articulated well, the shape of his feet adds some aggravation when it comes to making him stand properly. Thankfully the tail is there to act as a sort of third leg. Yes, "third leg"-- insert your own improper jokes here.

The responsibility of accessories for these two figures falls solely on Spider-Man's webbed shoulders-- good thing responsibility is his whole shtick! Parker comes packaged with an extra set of hands and a wall-mountable display base. the extra hands attach by inserting them over the pegs on his forearms. This is easy enough, but be careful with them since sadly the plastic used on the forearms has already whitened around the end (a beginning sign of possible breakage). Full disclosure: We did remove and replace the hands a number of times for these photos, but not nearly enough to cause this whitening. The hands themselves match up well when it comes to lines and color, and the hinged wrists offered us no problems. the display base id nice, and has two pegs on the bricks in order to pose Spidey like he's wall-crawling. It attached to a wall in the same way as a picture frame and holds the weight of the figure easily.

DST's Spider-Man figure is just about perfect, and although Lizard has some incredibly annoying feet, the blame goes to the film's design more than the figure. His sheer size, the intricate sculpt, and large amount of added articulation make DST's version of the "Amazing Spider-Man" Lizard the one to beat. The Lizard hit comic and specialty shops last week, so you should still be able to find one. Spider-Man arrived this week in comic and specialty shops-- but probably won't last very long. Also be sure to check out Diamond Select toys official website for more info on their entire Marvel Select line of figures!

These figures were actually so fun to pose, that we took a ridiculous amount of photos. Here are just a few more, so they don't go to waste:

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