Free RPG Day is Coming This Saturday!

Mark your calendars for this Saturday, June 16th, and get to your local game store.

Comic book fans aren't the only ones who get free stuff, roleplaying game players have their day too. But unlike comics which just require someone to open a book to get involved, RPGs have a much higher barrier to entry. You have to convince a whole group to play, and someone has to put extra work in to actually run the game!

Roleplaying games can also carry a bit of a stigma, as they can evoke the most negative of geek stereotypes in outsider's mind. Check those judgements at the door. Self-identifying gamers owe it to themselves the experience of having tried an RPG at least once in their lives, and Free RPG Day is just the way to do it.

With these hurdles in mind, RPG publishers set out to provide potential players with easy-to-digest quickstart modules and all of the accessories you'll need to get going. Having looked over the list of this year's offerings, my recommendation for new players is to seek out Cosmic Patrol from Catalyst Game Labs.

As a lightweight GM-less game that can be played with little prep, Cosmic Patrol is a game focused more on storytelling (actual roleplaying) than the hack-and-slash offerings of other games that RPG newcomers have likely already seen and passed over. Combine that with an appealing theme, set in a retro-future 1950's world, and you've got a great intro product on your hands.

Read on for the full list: