First Look: 'Voltron' #9 and 'Voltron: Year One' #6

MTV Geek is pleased to give you the first peek at two new Voltron comic books coming out in September from Dynamite Entertainment:

Voltron #9:

Written by Brandon Thomas

Art by N. Steven Harris

Cover by Sean Chen

The planet formally known as Doom and the Earth now share a common enemy---one capable of

defeating Voltron in open combat and knocking down any planet that gets in its way. Commander Keith knows exactly who’s behind it all, and he’s got his prime suspect locked in a small windowless room for the next two hours. So Keith must decide exactly how far he’s willing to go to find the truth, and he’s got to decide quick. Because their new enemy is closing in on its next target, and even though Arus has endured much in the past, surviving “Ten Lions” might not be in its future...

Voltron: Year One #6:

Written by Brandon Thomas

Art by Craig Cermak

Cover by Admira Wijaya

Commander Sven had his chance…all he had to do was hesitate for just the briefest second, and let the man that’s been trying to ruin him get exactly what he deserved. But instead he does the right thing, and all it costs him is his reputation and his command. #686 has officially become a serious problem for the powers that be, and the solution is one that’ll change the course of the entire universe.

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