Andrew Garfield: Spider-Man Costume Not So "Amazing" When Nature Calls

Spider-Man To Get A Few Much-Needed Costume Changes

"Amazing Spider-Man" star Andrew Garfield is going to to have a few...adjustments made to his costume the second time around. The main issue, as he recently explained to MTV Movies, is shedding his arachnid skin for bathroom duty:

"We're going to make it easier for me to piss. That's number one. They didn't really consider that, the whole bodily functions thing. But next time we will remember that I'm human."

No zippers for Spidey = aching bladder

It all makes you wonder how the "real" Peter Parker gets to relieve his bladder between crime-fighting. At least Batman has a...Bat-room.

You can read more about Garfield's costume trials and tribulations over at the MTV Splashpage blog!

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