'Before Watchmen' Artists Discuss Dave Gibbons' Influence

Alan Moore's distaste of all things "Before Watchmen," has been widely discussed, but not nearly as much has been said about "Watchmen" co-creator and artist Dave Gibbons. So let's step away from the controversy for a bit and hop into the appreciation pool for the work that Gibbons did on the legendary series and its impact on the prequels.

First up, Adam Hughes discusses how Gibbons' work beyond "Watchmen" has influenced his own art, but how he's been careful to put his own stamp on the world with "Dr. Manhattan."

Adam Hughes on Dave Gibbons' Influence

Next we hear from Andy Kubert about working with Gibbons on "Batman vs. Predator" and how similar his art and working style is to the artist. Also, in a very nice bonus, Joe Kubert chimes in with some very kind words about his son's storytelling and artistic abilities. It's a nice piece of a story that's veered heavily into angry places.

Andy and Joe Kubert Talk Dave Gibbons and Andy's Art Style

Be sure to check back each and every week for a new look behind the blotchy mask of "Before Watchmen."