The Daily Geek - Lee's Spectre Pencils, 'Avengers' Director's Cut, Pixar's Rules and more!

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PENCILED SPECTRE! Jim Lee Tweeted this penciled version of his "Silk Spectre" #1 variant cover!

A LOT MORE AVENGERS! Will a 3-hour director's cut of "The Avengers" come to theaters?

LINDELOF'S ALIENS! Damon Lindelof talks "Prometheus" with MTV Movies Blog.

OH MY HEAVENSBEE! Philip Seymour Hoffman has been offeed a role in "Catching Fire."

PIXAR RULES! Pixar lays out its 22 rules of storytelling.

WHAT'S YOUR MUPPET TYPE? A unified theory of Muppet types!

DON'T BE EVIL! Is Google evil?

COVERED IN COOL! What are 50 most awesome book overs?

A LOAD OF LONE RANGER DOUGH! "The Lone Ranger" movie budget has jumped from a "modest" $215 million to $250 million!

DJANGO STILL UNCHAINED! The second teaser for "Django Unchained" is here.