The Best (And Not So Best) Of DC's 'Zero Month' Covers

As we've covered previously on MTV Geek, September is going to be "Zero Month" at DC Comics...all their "New 52" titles are getting #0s that tell an interesting part of their origins and whatnot. DC has released the promo art/"covers" for "Zero Month," and we decided to showcase some of the best...and the less best.

The Best:

Batwoman #0

This stunning cover by J.H. Williams will leave a bat-footprint on your forehead:

Action Comics #0

Being somewhat of a Superman purist, I'm not the biggest fan of the t-shirt and boots look...but this cover by Ben Oliver is loads of fun and literally leaps off the paper:

Sword Of Sorcery #0

This Joshua Middleton cover to new title "Sword Of Sorcery," featuring the triumphant return of Amethyst, is simply gorgeous:

Justice League #0

Gary Frank draws Shazam! as a wonderfully-wicked jerk:

Resurrection Man #0

Francesco Francavilla's morbidly clever art makes me feel sad that this title is getting cancelled:

Justice League Dark #0

Burn baby, burn!:

Dial H #0

Though to be fair, it's hard to find a bad Brian Bolland cover:

The Less Bestest:

Catwoman #0

Selina's impossibly twisted anatomy here would fit perfectly on a beer coaster:

Green Lantern #0

Though I am a big fan of Doug Mahnke's work and the new "Green Lantern" title in general, there are not enough WTFs I can use for this:

Sucide Squad #0

I'm not usually on the "Suicide Squad Sucks Because Amanda Waller Is Now Skinny" bandwagon, but making her the focal point of this Ken Lashley cover sort of pokes me in the eye with the issue:

Acquired Taste:

While some may place Rob Liefeld's covers for Deadpool "Deathstroke" and "Grifter" in the "Less Bestest" category, I feel this is a genre all of its own that you either love or hate:

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