Joss Whedon Is Now An Action Figure!

The characters this famous writer and director has been associated with have had action it's only fair that Joss Whedon finally get one of his own!

Entertainment Weekly provides the exclusive first look at the Joss Whedon action figure that will be packaged with Morgan Spurlock's documentary "Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope". To be fair, this isn't exactly an action figure...more like a figurine. But we'll take whatever Joss Whedon figures we can get!

Other Geek luminaries that will join Whedon as collectible figurines packaged with the DVD is Stan Lee, Harry Knowles, and Spurlock himself. An edition with both Whedon and Spurlock will be available at Toys R' Us stores July 10, and another package with all four figures will hit game stores.

While this figure is pretty cool, we're still holding out for a Marvel Legends-style Whedon with 28 points of articulation! Hasbro, make it so!

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