Valiant Teases The Return Of Ninjak

Valiant Comics released the following teaser this morning:

Is a new "Ninjak" series immanent?

Co-created by Mark Moretti and Joe Quesada, the original Ninjak made his debut in "Bloodshot "#6, and received his own popular series in 1994. Ninjak was British playboy Colin King, who underwent rigorous ninja training to avenge his father's death. He wore an unique color-changing costume made of kevlar, and had an impressive collection of blades and shurikens.

In 1996's Acclaim "VH2" reboot by Kurt Busiek, Neil Vokes, and Michael Avon Oeming, Ninjak became somebody completely different: a boy who could enter a video game as the ninja hero. This version was both critically praised and highly controversial.

Will Ninjak return to his roots in the new Valiant Universe?

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