Spider-Men, Before Watchmen, and Dancer: New Comics For June 13th

This week, we’re leading off with one of our favorite new comics, SPIDER-MEN #1. The crossover brings together Peter Parker with Miles Morales, and as you can tell in our (spoiler free) review, is a ton of fun. So that’s going on.

As one Spider-epic begins, another ends with, er, Ends of the Earth in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #687. The “last” Doctor Octopus story has been exciting and funny so far, so we can’t wait to see how it wraps up. There’s also AVX VS #3, which is all the fights, none of the tights (sorry, we were looking for a rhyme) from Avengers vs. X-Men. And FANTASTIC FOUR #607 is a must buy because writer Jonathan Hickman has been on a roll lately... And it features Crystal the Inhuman. We always had a weird, unexplainable crush on Crystal. Don’t know why.

Over at DC, it’s a toss up between BATMAN #10, which features what writer Scott Snyder promises will be a divisive reveal for fans, and BEFORE WATCHMEN: SILK SPECTRE #1, which we bet will be divisive for fans just on principle. Oh, and there’s The Shade #9, which we can all hopefully just like, because isn’t it nice to like things that are good sometimes?

Dark Horse, meanwhile, launches Brian Wood’s THE MASSIVE #1, which we also reviewed in advance and liked quite a bit... If you like real(er) world sci-fi with environmental overtones, this is the book for you. If not, there’s always BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER: SEASON 9 #10, which has also been a roll lately. There’s a Buffybot! Robots are cool.

Over at Image, we’ve only read one of our three picks - DANCER #2 - but it’s a doozy, a taught, tight thriller with twists a-plenty (we’re starting to feel a bit like a New York subway ad here). There’s also SKULLKICKERS #15, which continues to reveal the secret of the gun and throw fans for a loop; and BULLETPROOF COFFIN: DISINTERRED #5, which will be the weirdest thing you’ve read all week. Trust us... We haven’t read it, but we have a good feeling about that anyway.

A few last picks, including THE BOYS #67, which continues the rapid countdown to it’s apocalyptic ending; THE SIXTH GUN #23, the best western horror book you’re probably not reading; and THE SPIDER #2, which is olde timey superheroes at their best. And that’s it! We’ll see you next week.