Another One Bites The Dust: Captain Atom, Resurrection Man, And Both 'Voodoo' Books Get The Axe

The Comics Gods giveth, and the Comics Gods taketh away: the DC Comics solicitations today revealed that a quartet of titles will take their final bow in September: "Captain Atom", "Resurrection Man", "Voodoo", and Vertigo's "Dominique Laveau: Voodoo Child".

It seems to be "the tide goes in, the tide goes out" situation at the publisher;  just last week they announced four new titles to debut during DC's "Zero Month." So there's a certain dear economy to the entire thing. Of course, if you were a fan of any of these soon-to-be-departed titles, it's understandably sucky news.

from "Dominique Laveau: Voodoo Child"

It's particularly a shame about the two "Voodoo" titles. "Voodoo" was a promising New 52 reboot of the Wildstorm character which lost its way once original writer Ron Marz left. Though DC is not quite in a deficit of female solo character titles, it would have been great if "Voodoo" had caught on and been successful. Vertigo usually gives their new titles a little more time to find their audience, so the end of "Dominique Laveau: Voodoo Child" is a bit of a surprise; it makes me wonder about the fates of other new titles that launched the same month as "Voodoo Child," such as "Saucer Country" and "New Deadwardians."

If you are particularly heartbroken about seeing your New 52 titles go the way of the dodo, be sure to check out "DC Comics Presents" #0, which features the recently cancelled "Hawk and Dove", "OMAC", "Mr. Terrific", and "Blackhawks". Will we see more of Atom, Resurrection Man, and Voodoo in "DC Comics Presents" or some other title? I will consult said Comics Gods and get back to you!

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