Siri Now On iPad; Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Really, how much longer until dear Siri becomes self-aware? Sure, "her" new functionality announced today by Apple at the World Wide Developer's Conference will only really help if you want sports scores, movie tickets, restaurant reservations, or traffic information. But I think it's only a matter of time before the HAL-like service starts to give you her own opinions on said activities as well. "No Dave, we are not going to see 'Jack & Jill'...I have disabled your credit card until you have better taste in cinema."

You can now use Siri as a substitute for human companionship a useful tool on two different Apple devices, as it is now available on iOS 6 for the iPad. Here's some highlights on what the newly-improved Siri can do:

Sports: Siri will be your bestest sports buddy ever, providing you with game schedules, game scores from the current season and as-it-happens game scores for live games. Compare stats with Siri, player against player! And -- get this -- she "is even smart enough to know whether you’re asking about the New York Giants or the San Francisco Giants." Marry that girl!

Movies: The new-improved Siri is a hard-core movie geek, providing you not only reviews from Rotten Tomatoes but a bevy of trivia about your favorite flicks! And when you're done reading about the films in question, actually venture outside in the fresh air and use Siri to give you show times and tickeyt information.

Restaurants: Siri is there to handle the restaurant process for you from soup to nuts, providing ratings, locations, and eventually reservations through the Open Table app. Just like a real-life Harlan Ellison novella, she has no mouth but is an expert on food.

Facebook and Twitter: Typing is for suckers! Let Siri do all the hard work posting your FB updates and Twitter statuses as you sit back and dictate. It's like you're Don Draper and Siri is that chick he ended up marrying!

App Launching: Pressing virtual buttons is for suckers! Let Siri launch those apps!

Eyes Free: Tired of driving off the road and into a ditch because you can't get enough of Siri? With this update, you'll be able to ask Siri questions through your car, keeping your eyes on the road and your hands on the steering wheel.

Read all about Siri for iOS 6 at the Apple homepage!

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