It's A Brand New Green Lantern! And He's Got A Gun!

DC Comics revealed an intriguing, brand-new Green Lantern today, on the cover of their "Zero Month" issue that will hit stores in September:

Great art by Doug Mahnke, and an interesting outfit. One question, though: if you have a power ring, why do you need to carry a handgun?

It's quite the vogue for superheroes on both sides of the DC/Marvel isle to carry guns these days, and certainly your odds of survival increase with weapons diversification. But still.

Just to recap, DC's Zero Month sees the release of  "#0s" of all their titles; each issue promises to reveal something new and surprising about the characters involved. Green Lantern #0, according to the solication copy, promises to both introduce and give the origin of this new Green Lantern, as well as be a prologue to something called "The Third Army."

The new Green Lantern appeared in DC's "Free Comic Book Day" book

Who is this new Green Lantern? Well, he first appeared in DC's Free Comic Book Day offering, and later GL writer Geoff Johns mentioned in an interview with MTV Geek that he would be making appearances in "Justice League" in the near future:

Geoff Johns and Jim Lee Discuss Vol. 2 of Justice League

Is this a character which we are already familiar with, or someone entirely new? Guess we'll find out in September.

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