Toy Legend Tim Bruckner Launches His Signature Line of Statues and Collectibles

From WCW's Bill Goldberg to Transmetropolitan's Spider Jerusalem, Tim Bruckner has had a hand in making action figures that have run the entire spectrum of pop culture. Highly regarded for his work with DC Direct on their flagship action figure lines like Alex Ross' Kingdom Come and, the Jim Lee-based, Batman: Hush, Tim's scope of work also includes numerous statues and collectibles-- and now he's set out to bring fans statues based on his own incredibly cool designs! The recent launch of a new website and online store has made it possible for pieces of greatness (like the Prometheus statue below) to their way to your shelves where you can eye-hump them til your hearts content!

Read on for all the info on Tim Bruckner's latest endevour, plus some pics of the new collectibles being offered!

Tim Bruckner, a veteran sculptor who has done extensive work for DC

Direct, Toy Biz, Dark Horse and many others in his 43 years in the

field, has just launched a new Website and store at The site will function as a portal for model kit enthusiasts to purchase his original resin kits, as well as a place for statue collectors to acquire some of his unproduced sculptures, hand-painted and finished by the artist himself. The site also has a blog where he will share behind-the-scenes commentary on his numerous creations.

The site launches with three new model kits from Bruckner -- a bust of Quasimodo based on the novel "The Hunchback of Notre Dame," and two different-sized kits of Tim's horrific clown character, the Giggler. New, full-color paint-ups offered in the shop include two new decos of Major Marjorie, Tim's pin-up spacegirl inspired by the art of George Petty, and two decos of Prometheus, the Titan who brought fire to mankind. (Both paint-ups are also available as unpainted resin kits.)

Also in the shop are Tim's line of 6" Iconocasts kits and paint-ups -- Ode to Joy, Cyrano and The Monster -- as well as his first Modular Expression creation, the infinitely interchangeable Beelzebub's Bookkeeper. Aspiring sculptors can also pick up Tim's expansive how-to book, "Pop Sculpture."

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