The 10 Best 'Aliens' Crossovers Ever

With Prometheus hitting theaters, we’re getting our first look at what may – or may not – be a prequel to Alien; but there’s been prequels, sequels, and most importantly, crossovers with the Xenomorphs running in comic books for years. Here are ten of the best Aliens crossovers ever – in comic books, at least:

10. Buffy The Vampire Slayer Versus Aliens (Sort Of)

The most recent crossover with the Aliens franchise was only official in look, even though it was run by Dark Horse, the company who has the Aliens comic license. In this year’s free comic day book, Buffy found herself in space fighting a Zompire (brain dead vampire) alien bug, which, after it shed its skin, looked a lot like a certain Xenomorph. Unlike the aliens in the movie, though, she was able to beat this Alien with sunlight. If only the regular ones were that easy…

9. Green Lantern vs. Aliens

This crossover by writer Ron Marz featured first Green Lantern Hal Jordan fighting the Aliens, then, years later, Kyle Rayner stuck on a planet infested with the suckers. Though it was fun to see green energy structures fight off aliens, it was more fun – and more terrifying – to see Kyle fight ‘em once his ring ran out. Oops.

8. Superman/Aliens

Should be no contest, right? Except the Man of Steel was stuck on an alien planet far from a yellow sun, with a chestburster incubating in his belly, and his powers running out. Considering this in no way tied into the Death of Superman, you can probably figure out what happened next, but the story was a great way to take Supes out of his element, and make an unfair fight, fair.

7. Superman/Aliens II: God War

For sheer ridiculousness, this crossover can’t be beat, as an Alien ship crashes on Apokolips, and Darkseid uses the Facehuggers to create Parademon/Alien hybrids… Then sends them to fight the New Gods. I bet this was exactly what Jack Kirby hoped for when he created the Fourth World: “Someday, I hope they fight Aliens,” I can almost hear him say.

6. Batman/Aliens

Both with this, and the classic Predators crossover, the appeal here is seeing the Dark Knight out of his element, and fighting creatures he just can’t handle. In this comic, Bats ends up in the Amazon, battling an alien birthed out of a crocodile. So, you know: terrifying.

5. Judge Dredd vs. Aliens: Incubus

Sadly, this is not a comic that pits the band Incubus against Aliens (whoever wins… We lose). But it does feature – as you might expect, from the Mega City One setting – the most extreme, bloody fights with the Aliens possible, as they clash with the full cadre of Judges.

4. WildC.A.T.S./Aliens

It’s just a one-shot, but only in the ‘90s could WildC.A.T.S. cross over with, er, anything. Luckily, this issue is written by Warren Ellis, and drawn by Tom Strong’s Chris Sprouse, so it looked, and read as great as you could expect. It’s one to stuff in your pouch-belt for safe keeping.

3. Witchblade/Aliens/Darkness/Predator: Overkill

The title is a clear giveaway of how aware the creators of this project were of how ridiculous it had the potential to be, and happily, they delivered. An all out battle royale in the best Top Cow tradition, the series was so well received, there was a sequel a year later.

2. Aliens versus Predator versus The Terminator

This “only in comics” crossover was a fans dream come true – not just for the chance to see three classic movie bad guys battle on the page, but also seeing Ellen Ripley team up with John Connor to take ‘em all down.

1. Superman and Batman versus Aliens and Predator

Written by Mark Schultz – the guy behind Cadillacs and Dinosaurs – this was the last Aliens crossover ever (until the unofficial Buffy one), so Dark Horse and DC pulled out al the stops… Teaming the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel to battle Predators and Aliens bent on taking over the Earth. Cool.

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