'Before Watchmen' Variant Covers Bring 35 Artists to the Controversial Series

Jim Lee's "Comedian" #1 Variant Cover

Earlier this week, we went behind-the-scenes of DC's controversial "Before Watchmen" with our exclusive making-of video. Well now, fittingly, we're going deeper into the series that goes deeper into the "Watchmen" mythos with a look at the art that will grace the variant covers for each "Before Watchmen" miniseries.

DC landed a huge roster of artistic talent both new and experienced alike to lend their skills to gritty superhero series.

In our first video DC co-publisher and influential artist Jim Lee explains how he didn't "make the cut" for "Before Watchmen"

Jim Lee Discusses His 'Before Watchmen' Variant Covers

Next, editor Will Dennis highlights some of the coolest covers from the likes of Dave Johnson, Michael Golden, Eduardo Risso and the legendary Jim Steranko.

'Before Watchmen' Variant Covers

Check back each and every week for a new peek behind the blotchy mask of "Before Watchmen"!

Kevin Nowlan's 'Nite Owl' #1 Variant Cover

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