Who Will Be Westeros' Next Top House?

For the past two months and change, the HBO Store has kindly been providing us with graphics and info on the products they've released each week to coincide with every episode of Game of Thrones. Now, with the season over, we'll probably have to wait a good long while to get new GoT swag (unless you've got $30K hanging around and want to buy the Iron Throne)... But we also know now which Westeros House is most popular, based on product sales.

That's right: for the past ten weeks, HBO has been tracking sales of shirts, coasters, iPod skins, and more by House, and compared them to the previous season's sales, as well. So now we know who the most popular House was, and where they went up on the rankings. So without further ado, Westeros' Next Top House is...

Oh come on, we're not going to do it that way, right? We're going to tease out the reveal as long as possible. First of all, House Baratheon... We're sorry, you are NOT Westeros' Next Top House. Last season, the Stag was ranked fourth, but this year it dropped all the way to last place (fifth)... Maybe because Stannis is such a pill, and Renly didn't survive too long? Anyway, we'll have to see if they rally next year once Robert comes back to life JUST KIDDING.

In Fourth place? The Lannisters, who were previously in third. Surprising, really, given Tyrion's prominence this season - but maybe having Joffrey murder some prostitutes, and Cersei being horribly evil weighed against that.

The biggest jump was reserved for House Greyjoy, which went from Fifth to Third this year. This may have something to do with Theon's character taking center stage, while last season his character arc could be boiled down to, "Who's that guy again?"

The number two spot held steady for House Targaryen, we assume since people continue to like Dragons. But the Next Top House is...

House Stark! Despite literally and figuratively losing its head last year, House Stark managed to hold on to the top spot, selling more shirts and pint glasses than any other house. Yet if they're winning the sales battles, why does it feel like they're still losing the sales war?

We'll have to stay tuned next year to see what happens, particularly as my House, House Zalben, will be entering the fray. Our House words are, "Oh gods, please stop stabbing me."