Dead Cat Turned Into Remote-Controlled Helicopter By Owner

Just like his namesake, Orville the cat is a pioneer in the field of aviation...albeit posthumously. As a tribute to his late pet, Dutch artist Bart Jansen had him stuffed and mounted on a working RC helicopter. And so my plan to freeze-dry my kitty "Purrito" once she passes is seeming less and less crazy by the minute.

Described by Jansen as "half cat, half machine," the "Orvillecopter" received a gig at the Kunstrai art festival in Amsterdam, regaling patrons with his flying skill (which you can view in the video below). Jansen noted to the Daily Mail that equipping him to fly was only natural as Orville "loved birds," and that in the future the kitty aviator will be getting an upgrade: "He will receive more powerful engines and larger props for his birthday. So this hopping will soon change into steady flight."

There you have it, folks: human beings, only creatures of the animal kingdom to not only have pets, but turn them into helicopters when they pass on.

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