J.K. Rowling To Debut New Stories In Playstation 3 Game 'Wonderbook: Book Of Spells'

A partnership between J.K. Rowling, Sony, and Rowling's Pottermore site will bring new Harry Potter stories to life (you can read about how the boy wizard won "Best Hero" at the MTV Movie Awards here). Sony announced at E3 2012 that "Wonderbook: Book of Spells" for the Playstation 3 will use augmented reality to allow players to immerse themselves into the wizarding world of Rowling. Learning spells will be easy the PS Move controllers as wands!

The Rowling deal is only one of a series of "Wonderbook" games/book hybrids that will be released by Sony; Moonbot Studios will create another such experience called "Diggs Nightcrawler."

It is interesting to contemplate the wedding of first-run stories with interactive game elements, and I do wonder if this will be more and more the norm in the future. The latest Stephen King short story -- or even novel -- could be released to a platform like PS3 as an augmented reality mix of text, animation, and games-within-the-story. Perhaps in this way, both Sony and Rowling are pioneers in a new frontier of transmedia storytelling.

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