The Daily Geek - Hannibal's Cast, The Philip K. Dick Android, Paper 'Prometheus,' 'The Avengers' Video Game and more

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BABY BAIT! This is awful...but wonderful! (via Stan Winston School of Character Arts)

BREAK OUT THE FAVA BEANS! "Hannibal's" Hannibal is, cast!

DOES HE DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP? The Philip K. Dick Android Mark II!

ROBOT RULES! I-Robot is about to be real.

ABBY GIF! This gif is glorious!

TORRENT NO MORE! The world's oldest Torrent site has been shut down!

BATTLE FOR EARTH! The Avengers will battle for Earth in um..."The Avengers: Battle for Earth"!

E3 2012: The Avengers: Battle for Earth Debut Trailer

WHERE'S ROB SCHNEIDER? Check out a new pic and the synopsis from "Judge Dredd"!

PIZZLE Here are 14 old-school words that should totally still be used today!

ARTS AND ALIENS AND CRAFTS! The "Prometheus" trailer redone with construction paper!