Stan Lee Talks Comikaze and World Of Heroes!

By Danica Davidson

He's the hardest-working man in comics: even with Philly Con last weekend, Stan Lee still took the time to talk to MTV Geek about this year’s well as his new YouTube channel, World of Heroes.  He also gives a little bit of a tease about what we can expect from the channel in the future.

MTV Geek: What can we expect at Comikaze this year?

Stan Lee: More famous guest stars than you can imagine! More exciting panels and surprises than the average fan can handle-- but luckily you're not average!

Remember, Comikaze is going to be bigger and better than ever! I was originally approached by Comikaze CEO Regina Carpinelli after being at the con last year and knew that I had always wanted to have my own convention. So far we have teamed up with Buzzmob to help accommodate all of the people who can’t make it and are working to make this a fan convention, since, after all, the fans are everything!

Geek: What do you want to accomplish with your YouTube Channel, World of Heroes?

SL: My fans are everything and I want to provide a place where they can see new things that they haven’t seen before as well as be included in the shows themselves.

Geek: What different kinds of shows do you have for different audiences at World of Heroes?

SL: We currently have seven shows on the World of Heroes YouTube channel, including “Mask & Cape,” “Stan’s Rant’s,” “FanWars,” and more. The shows reach a wide range of people from up and coming artists who want to learn a thing or two from the great Jim Lee to the diehard comic fans who want to argue who would win between Batman and Spider-Man (obviously Spider-Man).

Geek: How do you come up with the stuff you rant about in “Stan's Rants”?

SL: I take a look at the things that are nagging your beloved Generalissimo and address them in my usual masterful manner. I’ve tackled some of the biggest issues in Hollywood, like the shameful lack of an Academy Award for certain brilliant cameo artists.

Geek: Can you tell us about what new shows you have coming soon?

SL: We have a lot of exciting new shows on Stan Lee’s World of Heroes channel to be announced soon. They will include scripted and non-scripted series, and will involve everyday heroes as well as superheroes. I'd like to tell you more but first you've gotta prove you're worthy by becoming a steady habitué of the most talked about site on the web. Modesty forbids me from mentioning its name but its initials are SLWOH!

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