The Daily Geek - Kubert's 'AvX' Art, Fassbender's Beard, a Cthulhu Mug and more!

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ART! Adam Kubert Instagrams some early "AvX" art!

TINTIN MAKES BANKBANK! This TinTin drawing scored 1.3 million Euros oat auction!

MATERIAL GUEST! Which big-time pop star will show up on "Children's Hospital"?

BEARD ENVY OF THE DAY! If I woke up tomorrow looking as good as Michael Fassbender looked in a beard at the MTV Movie Awards...I'd be okay with that.

MAD METALOCALYPSE MAN! John Hamm lends his voice to "Metalocalypse"!

SIP FROM AN OLD ONE! This Cthulhu mug is tentacle-tastic!

FUR BIKINI! John Landis on "One Million B.C." for Trailers from Hell!

DRINKS WITH THE MAN! Felicia Day has cocktails with Stan Lee!

CAPT. JACK ROCKS! Johnny Depp performed with The Black Keys at the MTV Movie Awards!

2012 Movie Awards - New Movies - Black Keys

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