The Most Clueless Online Reactions To Green Lantern Being Gay

It was only inevitable that an announcement such as today's about the Alan Scott Green Lantern being gay would bring some of the crazies and intolerant out of the woodwork. There are also the confused, uninformed, offensive and just plain WTF to contend with on "teh Internets". Here are some of the most extreme and clueless -- original spelling intact -- gathered from a number of online sources:

From the NY Post message boards:

"so does this mean that any villian who attacks green lantern can be charged with a hate crime? what's next, superman is really a pedofile?"

To which a helpful fellow reader responded:

"no they will make him a transgender being ! with powers of both sexes ! this has got to stop ."

Another Post reader pondered what the revelation would mean for the Green Lantern movie sequel, noting:

"Its going to make for an interesting 2nd movie. Ryan Reynolds certainly didn't play the roll ambiguously at all."

Let's switch to the New York Daily News message boards, where the U.S. President inexplicably gets blamed for the storyline:

"Messing Up All The Great Comic Heros.. Foolishness That Just Because The POTUS Agreed To Gay Marriage That Everything Has To Have A Homosexual Tendecy.. Just Sad"

Yes, it's true: the White House is consulted on every plot twist in DC Comics. That's what the "D.C." stands for, obviously.

Another reader predicts:

"Coming soon, rewrite of the Bible outing Jesus."

Or maybe even a prequel to Watchmen. Dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!

TMZ ran the Alan Scott story under the title "The Green Lantern...he's back! And he's Fabulous!"  Here are some of the more extreme reader responses:

The one where Spider-Man was an illegal immigrant:

"The Gay Lantern? Are you kidding me? Typical. Next up: Superman is secretly a Muslim extremist, or perhaps Spiderman is an illegal immigrant....... Sheesh, can ONE person in this country just make life better?"

The one where Santa Claus was gay:

"I'm so tired of this Gay nonsense! If you want to be gay, fine! But don't change everything in the world to gayness! Soon we should expect Santa Claus to be gay!!!"

The one with something called a "Starbucks Porno":

"If a childs superhero has a human sexuality than they are`nt a real superhero.Who cares who the cartoon is FN? it`s a FN cartoon not a starbucks porno"


"How about a female superhero swandwisher?.GREEN LATNEY may be mo mo but I bet that blucht onlty F`s other superhero in superheros swandwishies.WHO the F is he gona FUP as there are no other gay supers!."

Rocking back-and-forth slowly and desperately seeking some rational discourse, I decided to change gears completely...and go on actual comic book message boards, where I know there is much more tolerance and diversity:


That was from the DC Comics blog's comment section.

But while the Crazy was out in full force regarding the Green Lantern thing, it is important to acknowledge all the positive responses as well. Such as this one, also from a DC blog reader:

"It bothers me how upset and enraged some people are over this. Stop living in your infantile bubble and grow up. Big shocker, but there are people in this world who are homosexual, just the same as some people are heterosexual, bisexual, or transsexual. The fact that DC is continuing to incorporate more characters (albeit some of a smaller fanbase AND some of a much larger popularity) is a courageous, yet righteous move. In their own way, the folks at DC are being heroes with this tactic, and they fully have my support."

and this one, from The Advocate's boards:

"As a longtime comic book reader, I greatly approve. Kudos to James Robinson for giving us an A-list, iconic character, that represents gays in a positive way. I've been reading all kinds of mean, homophobic comments on the various comic book sites. They are disgusting to say the least. It's really easy for people to show their homophobia on the internet."

and from the comments at Huffington Post:

"I know two men who met in France while fighting for the US in WWII. They have been together since then; throughout all the mud slinging and hateful rhetoric thrown by our so called religious leaders. They are real hero's, surviving decades of intolerance at home after risking their lives to secure freedom for Europe and the US. I will buy the first copy I can and deliver it to them, for all of us."

In the end, haters are gonna hate...but maybe sometimes we forget the flipside of that. At any rate, I think shining a light -- or a lantern -- on this issue is a good thing, a teachable moment.

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