The Daily Geek - Quitely's 'Walking Dead' Cover, Alan Scott is Gay, 'The Avengers' in Space and more

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ART! Frank Quitely did a cover for "Walking Dead" #100!

YEP! Original Green Lantern, Alan Scott is gay.

BETTER THAN THE MOVIE! "Dark Knight Rises" won big at The Golden Trailer Awards!

SPLASHDOWN! The first commercial flight, the SpaceX Dragon has successfully returned to Earth after a mission to International Space Station!

AVENGERS IN SPACE! "The Avengers" will screen at the International Space Station!

FLAME ON! Bill "The Coolest Man in America" Murray once played the Human Torch!

MEN ARE PIGS! Men's offices are loaded with more bacteria than women's!

BACK AND TO THE LEFT! You can turn any blender into a Magic Bullet!

BIGGER THAN A BREADBOX! So how large is our galaxy?

SILENCIO! I will happily stay in this David Lynch-designed hotel room!

VID! This video for M83's "Reunion" is very cool. Plus, that bald guy totally looks like Grant Morrison!

'Til Monday, gang!