The Romulans are Coming! The Romulans are Coming!

At last year's Gen Con, Star Trek: Fleet Captains from WizKids was one of the show's highlights. Featuring 24 sculpted ship figures, Fleet Captains let Trek fans conduct tabletop space battles between the Federation and Klingons using WizKid's popular HeroClix system.

Yet even though there is a large well of source material to pull from, fans of Star Trek: Fleet Captains have been unsure if the game would ever receive additional content. With a $100 price tag, it was no certainty that Fleet Captains would sell well enough to finance the release of another fleet, but those questions have now been answered. WizKids has announced the upcoming release of the Romulan Empire expansion.

I caught up with WizKids Product Coordinator Scott D'Agostino to find out exactly when the decision was made to more forward with the Romulans. Apparently, WizKids did not have to wait long to get the feedback they needed.

"As with any game release, there is always a tentative period to see how it will be received by the gaming community— particularly the fans of Star Trek.  Once we heard the overwhelmingly positive response to the game, we immediately started thinking about what we could do next with the game."

The new Romulan ships will be molded using colored green plastic.

The new expansion will come packed with 12 Romulan ships and 100 new cards (split across 10 sub-decks). With the addition of a third fleet also comes the addition of rules for three-player battles, giving players the ability to play Federation vs. Romulans vs. Klingons.

To add a more Romulan flavor to your game, the expansion includes new Espionage-type missions and a Saboteur crew member mechanic that allows you to deploy secret agents onto your opponent's ships. According to D'Agostino, "Often times, these Saboteurs will provide a benefit to the ship— as they are acting undercover.  But, many Saboteurs will also have an “Espionage” ability that— at a critical moment in the game— can be used by the player who deployed the Saboteur (and only that player) to impart a negative effect on the ship."

For a sneak peek at how exactly these new Sabotuers will play, check out the preview card below: