The 'Fraggle Rock' Movie Lands Writers

THR is reporting that "Rango" scribes Jim Byrkit and Alex Manugia have been hired to bring Jim Henson's subterranean rockstar series "Fraggle Rock" to cinemas. "Fraggle Rock" is certainly following in the felt footsteps of fellow Henson creations The Muppets which were successfully returned to theaters and hearts in last year's incredibly charming "The Muppets."

"Fraggle Rock" is slightly more obscure than The Muppets, especially to younger fans, so one can assume that producers are hoping to catch a ride on the nostalgia train when it comes to the TV series' translation to the silver screen.

For those who don't know, according to "Fraggle Rock" was: of HBO's first original series, "Fraggle Rock" was created as a way to show the world how to live in peace. Within the show are three different communities: the home of Doc, an inventor, and his dog, Sprocket; the world of the upbeat Fraggles, who share the caves of Fraggle Rock beneath Doc's house with their small neighbors, the Doozers; and the Gorgs, gigantic creatures who inhabit Gorg's Garden. Through these different communities "Fraggle Rock" shows how we can all work together towards common goals.

"Fraggle Rock" reruns currently air on weekdays at 7am ET on The Hub! And Archaia Comics has been publishing a "Fraggle Rock" comic for the past year.