Is This a Trailer for FUNimation's "Is This a Zombie" DVD Release?

Why yes, yes it is.

Boy dies. Comes back as a zombie servant. Dies again. Comes back as a magical girl.

That's the broad premise of Is This a Zombie (AKA Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?), the 2011 series from Studio Deen (Hetalia Axis Powers, Higurashi When They Cry), which is making its DVD debut here in the States in August. The series follows hapless high school student Ayumu who is murdered by a zombie, then resurrected by a bossy female necromancer who moves in and makes him her servant; then he's killed yet again, only to be brought back to life as a male magical girl.

The series had a 12-episode run along with an OVA based on the light novel and ongoing manga series (the latter published by Yen Press).

Is This a Zombie? Season One will be available on DVD August 7th from FUNimation.

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