The Daily Geek - Mondo's 'Wrath of Khan' Poster, 'G.I. Joe' News, The Pratchett Pig, 'Dark Knight Rises' TV Spot and More!

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ART! Mondo does it again with this "Wrath of Khan" poster!

OH, JOE! What are the real reasons "G.I. Joe: Retaliation" was bumped?

SURE, WHY NOT? David Hasselhoff Eyeing a 'Gone With the Wind' Remake?!

TO BALDLY GO! Some of the greatest "bald encounters" from the set of "Star Trek"!

GREAT CAKES! 18 Amazing Cakes Inspired By 18 Great TV Shows!

THE PRATCHETT PIG! "Discworld" author Terry Pratchett wins the prestigious Wodeshouse Comics award which involves having a pig named after him!

ROOM FOR ONE! That's one heckuva tiny house!

CONGRATS, FELLAS! David Lynch and Mel Brooks get honorary degrees from the AFI!

VID! "You're not Batman anymore"

'Til tomorrow, gang!