'Doctor Who/Star Trek: The Next Generation - Assimilation 2 #1' Is The Best Of Both Worlds [Review]

There’s a lot riding on Doctor Who/Star Trek: The Next Generation – Assimilation 2 #1… At least there is for fans of both franchises, who have been secretly holding out hope that the two would cross over on TV probably since TV was first invented. Well, as of this Wednesday, the wait is over; and the good news is, while this first issue might not be totally worth the wait, it’s a good deal of fun, and has us jonesing for issue two.

We’re going to keep this relatively spoiler free, except for what news is already (pretty much) out there: the Borg and the Cyberman have somehow teamed up, and with the universe in peril, it’s up to TARDIS and the Enterprise to stop them. Sound like a blast, right? And when this book is going, it’s going full steam, from the reveal of the dastardly team-up, to the promise of the good guys getting together, too.

The biggest problem, though – and the thing that’s going to frustrate most fans – is that in the entirety of the first issue, the good guys never get together. There’s a brilliant little tease that plays on the whole “bigger on the inside” nature of certain spaceships at the end of the issue, but if you’re wondering if the Doctor stands in Picard’s headquarters and says, “Computer. Fish sticks and custard. Hot,” the answer is a resounding no, and that’s a bummer.

In fact, fans of Star Trek may be entirely let down (and I swear I’m not going to dwell too much longer on the negatives, because overall I really enjoyed this issue), because this isn’t a Star Trek comic. We may get some flashback in issue two – inevitably disappointing Who fans – but if you’re looking for the further voyages of the starship Enterprise, you may need to look elsewhere.

…On the other hand, this is a rollicking good Doctor Who comic, and the writers have captured the voice of Matt Smith’s Doctor to a ridiculous degree. So much, in fact, that as a Who fan going into withdrawal from lack of new Who episodes for the past several months, this was just the methadone injection I needed to get rid of the shakes. To say more does, in fact, skirt spoilers, but this is licensed comics at their best right here.

One other note, J.K. Woodward provides some beautiful painted artwork for the book, and particularly in the opening scenes, seems extremely suited to the task of creating a crossover than mashes together two universes. The artist seems to be channeling Alex Ross’ work on Kingdom Come a little bit here, and more than helps take what could be a small taste of a story, and make it feel a little more epic.

So while at the end of the day this may just be a sliver of what fans have been asking for, for decades, it’s enough of a sliver that we’re on board for the long haul. Whether that’s on board the deck of the TARDIS, or the Enterprise remains to be seen. But so far, we’re prepared to yell “Geronimo!” and “Engage!” for the next several months. Because, you know, what else do we have to do? We’ve got time.

Doctor Who/Star Trek: The Next Generation - Assimilation 2 #1 hits comic book stands on Wednesday, May 30th!