What's New With Doctor Who: BAFTAs, Star Trek, and Dinosaurs

Welcome to our time-traveling, space-warping round up of all the news we could find about the world’s most popular Timelord, Doctor Who. And there’s a ton of news to get through because, remember: this article is bigger on the inside.

ITEM! Sherlock Holmes and The Doctor Team Up

It was like slash fic come to life this weekend, as Benedict Cumberbatch and Matt Smith hit the stage of the BAFTAs together to present a special achievement award to Steven Moffat. Though the shows were locked out in most other categories, we imagine this was enough to tide fans over... Though we also like to imagine that James Nesbitt was stewing at home on a pile of unsold 'Jekyll' DVDs.

ITEMS! Olympics Fever Hits Doctor Who

This weekend saw Doctor Who fandom go nuts with Olympic fever, first with the release of the Games themed mini-sode "Good as Gold," and then with Matt Smith running the Olympic Torch through Cardiff. The latter event was broadcast live on the BBC's website, and reportedly went without a hitch. That said, there's still time to have Tennant run the final Torch into the stadium, thus saving all of space and time. Don't let us down, London.

ITEM! Doctor Who Crosses Over With Star Trek, We Like What We See

Somehow we made it through an entire review of the new Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who comic book without a, "Make it so," or "Come along, Number Two," joke, but you can't win 'em all. Anyway, IDW's long awaited crossover hit this week, and we liked it, so check out our spoiler free review.

CAT CARTOON! New Yorker Compares Community and Who

Creating a severe case of identity crisis, the world's foremost expert on older wasps couples sitting around making snide comments about the help in cartoon form posted an article we would have expected on this very site, comparing Community and Doctor Who. It's a good read, so check it out.

LISTEN! New Who Album Gets All Timey-Winey

If you haven't heard, there's a whole culture of Doctor Who themed music, called TROCK (Timelord Rock). And there's - as you might imagine - a LOT of it. One of the better ones we've heard recently is the new album called "Memoirs of the Time War" from The Ken Spivey Band. You can't go wrong with tracks like "Girl in the Fireplace" or "Companion's Lament," so go check it out on Amazon now.

REX! The Doctors As Dinosaurs

Because why not, here's all the Doctors as Dinosaurs. Now if we could get the Daleks as Mammals, our lives would be - well, not complete, but at least continuing at a reasonable pace.