DC Comics Launches Its Own Fine Art Exhibit

I may not know art, but I know what I like: comic books. Thankfully, I won't have to choose between them when DC's new "Darkness & Light" art exhibit comes rolling to town - or to San Diego Comic-Con.

To commemorate the opening of their new facility in Burbank, plucky young art world upstarts Warner Bros. Consumer Products and DC Entertainment put together an exhibit featuring over one hundred pieces paying tribute to their iconic characters. As a nice bonus, the exhibit will also bring awareness about - and benefit - DC's WE CAN BE HEROES giving campaign.

The paintings are on display in Burbank right now, which you'll probably have a bit of a hard time getting into. Next up though is the Michael J. Wolf gallery during Comic-Con International from July 13-15, followed by "Additional exhibition dates and locations to be announced this summer," which is easily our favorite gallery, we loved going to it as kids.

Check out a few of the pieces below, as well as photos from the opening... And more to come: