A Castle Made from Starburst - Sweet Safety from Invaders

Ashley Sowers a.k.a. ashleyisthebomb on Deviant Art likes Starburst so much that she decided to build a fully-edible castle out of the fruitastic, juicy little joys!

She said:

Starbursts are waxy, so they don't glue very well. I had to use a heat gun to melt them together, one by one. because there was no glue or anything, it was completely edible. My family and I had fun eating it until we got sick of starbursts, then i threw it out.

It took FOREVER and ended up weighing about 60 pounds.

Listen, I like Starburst as much as the next guy, but the idea of eating that castle seriously makes me wanna yack!

But nicely done, Ashley!

[source: boing boing]