FRINGE Joins Firefly and Ricky Gervais On The Science Channel

If you’re already watching The Science Channel for Punkin Chunkin and reruns of Firefly, good news: Fringe will be hitting the channel in syndication, soon!

As reported by the Hollywood Reporter, directly from Hollywood, California, the show – which sometimes, sort of, pretends that it’s about scientific concepts (when really it just kind of uses them as a launchpad for total insanity, in the best sense of the word) – will run all it’s episodes, including the final thirteen to be broadcast this Fall as part of a deal with Warner Bros. TV.

However, this deal doesn’t prevent other streaming services, like Hulu, Netflix, or whatever Apple has cooking up from also broadcasting episodes of the show… So don’t worry, even if you don’t get Science Channel, you should be able to watch that episode with the Manimals as many times as you want. Sorry, either of the episodes with the Manimals, there were two of them. Forgot for a second!

The Network is already branching out with some other new programming, including the aforementioned Firefly, Ricky Gervais’ An Idiot Abroad, and a six-part series called Dark Matters: Twisted But True which premieres August 31st. That mini is actually hosted by Fringe’s John Noble, which makes this whole thing make sense.

By the way, if you’ve never checked out Science Channel’s annual Punkin Chunkin competition, where teams build elaborate catapults to throw pumpkins as far as they can in an open field, you should, because it is awesome. Now THAT’S what they should do an episode of Fringe about.