Mine the Mystery in Matt Kindt's Mind MGMT #1

What is real in Matt Kindt's Mind MGMT? What caused the amnesia of "Amnesia Flight 815" (Lost reference? Gotta be!) Why were only 2 passengers out of 120--a 7 year-old boy and mystery man Henry Lyme--unaffected by the sudden outbreak of amnesia? Why, I ask. Why? Why? Why?

Don't ask Matt Kindt! He's the one asking the questions here and he's leading us all by the sniffers through what is certain to be a (wonderfully illustrated) serpentine maze of false leads, false memories and false…fallacies?

In the story, we follow true crime writer Meru, still kinda, sorta, not really, not at all coasting on the success of a bestseller and looking for a subject for a follow-up. She wants to cover Amnesia Flight 815, to track down the elusive Henry Lyme. Her agent wants her to deliver more of the same. "True crime is what sells," he says, but there's no stopping her. She's on the case and before you know it, you're deep into it with her as she hunts Henry Lyme and begins to uncover whatever the hell this secret organization called Mind MGMT is.

First guess: Manchurian Candidtate-esque, programmed solider business. The Queen of Diamonds!

Matt Kindt has created a premise so rich for digging, so prime for thinking and so intriguing that the worst part about this new Dark Horse series is we have to wait for the next issue. Not since Nick Spencer and Joe Eisma's Morning Glories have I been so sucked into an ongoing comic from the first issue. I want to know more and I want to understand, but at the same time, I don't. I want the mystery to deepen. I want to get lost. (LOST!) I want to find my own way. I hope Kindt let's me and us figure this thing out for ourselves, because that's the fun of stories like this. The puzzle. The riddle. The uncomfortable feeling you get from aimlessly wandering through a cloud of misdirection, misinterpretation and mis-mind managment!

The solicitation info for this book promises: "weaponized psychics, hypnotic advertising, talking dolphins, and seemingly immortal pursuers!" Sooooo...Buy it!

Mind MGMT #1 is out now from Dark Horse Comics. You can read a preview by clicking the image below!