The Daily Geek - New Bryan Lee O'Malley 'Seconds' Art, Damon Lindelof's 'Lost' Defense, Catwoman Poster, Robert Moog Google Doodle and more!

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ART! Bryan Lee O'Malley posted art from his new book Seconds on his Tumblr page!

He said:

so anyway here’s a sketch i did of one of the characters from SECONDS. Figuring out her outfit for the chapter i’m starting today.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOOG! It's Moog synthesizer inventor Robert Moog's birthday, so Google paid tribute with a playable Moog doodle!

KICK ME! Kickstarter is the indie filmmaker's best friend!

MEOW! These new Dark Knight Rises posters are an improvement over the one we showed you yesterday. Head to MTV Splash Page for more!

MAGIC EIGHTBALL! How did Daniel Clowes reinvent comic books?

MORE GAMES. MORE FUN. Check out the awesomeness that is the 1978 Atari catalog!

YIKES! Pixar almost lost all the footage from Toy Story 2!

The film and all of its elements were stored on a Linux machine, which, as Linux users well know, isn’t a problem in and of itself. However, someone absentmindedly typed the command “RM*” into the computer, which effectively began removing all of the files from the system. Before they knew what was happening, large portions of the feature were being deleted at a rapid pace.

BE A BETTER PERSON! Cleaning out your email inbox makes you way cooler!

WHY SO SERIOUS? Check out some concept art for what became Heath Ledger's Joker.

VID! Damon Lindelof thoughtfully defends Lost. But can he mend my broken heart? Also, props to interviewer Joshua Topolsky for taking him to task! Also also, happy to hear that Lindelof didn't like the Jacob/Man in Black episode, because it was dreadful!