Review: The Mega-Scale Mumm-Ra Looms Over Our ThunderCats Collection!

Toy Fair 2012: Mezco Talks ThunderCats Mumm-Ra and Panthro Figures

It's a well-known fact that, in fiction, the bad guys always look cooler-- in reality, not so much. Of course, this is MTV Geek and reality is a place we rarely waste time in! Today we're reviewing one of the 80's greatest animated antagonists: Mumm-Ra the Ever-Living! Yes, Lion-O's enemy #1 has seen yet another action figure release thanks to the resurgence of  ThunderCats popularity; however, this time it's not only the vintage version, but he's friggin' HUGE! Today we're taking a closer look (one so thorough, it's borderline creepy) at Mezco Toyz' ThunderCats Classic Mumm-Ra Mega-Scale action figure!

Read on for more looks at a huge pile of plastic that's molded in the shape of an extremely evil s.o.b.!

Mumm-Ra comes packaged in a window box with some great artwork of Mumm-Ra and his Mutant minions running down the side and ending on the lower left front of the package next to the ThunderCats logo. Behind Mumm-Ra is a piece of artwork showing his pyramid surrounded by a red sky. Even though Mumm-Ra fills up practically the entire window, his lower legs are detached, so he actually stands much higher.

The sculpt for Mumm-Ra is pretty much what we see in our mind's nostalgic eye when we think about the animation for the original ThunderCats. Then we actually DO watch it-- and it's horrible! Nostalgia is a helluva drug, people! All of the details are here from the serpent motif of the crown to the fur-lined shin guards. This begs the question: Is Mumm-Ra worried about chaffing his legs, or does he just like the tops of his feet to be warm? The world may never know. Honestly, the sculpt is pretty spot-on with making Mumm-Ra just as intimidating as he was in the intro to the vintage show. The musculature is fantastic and there's really nothing bad to say at this point. Thanks to his size, he also looks ready to throw down with a couple large-scale figures from another 80s-themed toy line we love. Just something to keep in mind. The back of his helmet has cloth strips hanging down that can be spread out over his shoulders. Soft goods are tricky additions to action figures, and these stand out from the smooth texturing of the rest of the figure-- until you add the cape and bandages.

Most of Mumm-Ra has been molded in his familiar shade of corpse-blue with additional paint used for detailing his wardrobe and the musculature. The paint is pretty straightforward and each piece of his helmet, bracelets and skirt have been cleanly painted with their base colors. The shading isn't overly done, and the black lines rubbed into the recesses of his face turned out looking really good. Geez, so far we haven't found any real negatives to this guy. Okay, here's one: The intertwined serpent logo on his chest is clean when it comes to the snakes, but on our copy, the red circle has a little fuzzing around the edges. Nothing too deliberate, but noticeable when you're up close to it.

Mumm-Ra's articulation is limited, but he still has enough to be posed in a couple of ways that still allow him to look good. Mumm-Ra has a ball-joint neck, ball-joint shoulders, swivel wrists, a ball-joint waist, and swivels at the top of his shin guards. All of the joints work well, and Mumm-ra doesn't have any trouble keeping his balance regardless of the position his arms are in. Definitely a bonus there as having them outstretched (and weighted down by a thick cloth cape) are kind of his bread n' butter in the pose department.

In the package, Mumm-Ra comes with a couple of accessories. While we're not counting the disconnected feet, that still leaves a huge double-sided cape and a stack of gauze wraps. The feet plug into the holes in his lower legs (which you surely would have figured out on your own) and fit securely while still being able to rotate easily. The cape is made of two pieces of a surprisingly thick cloth One piece is blue, the other red and they've been stitched together into one raggedy cloak fit for a pyramid dwelling super-mummy! Each end of the cape has a hole that can be placed over a spike on his bracers for the outstretched effect. Nothing attaches the cape to his back, and we fell this would be helpful, although seemingly not necessary. The strips of gauze are very thin and you can pretty much use as many or as little as you want to wrap around the body parts of Mumm-Ra. We used em all! Once you've added all of the cloth goods to the figure, he looks incredible. Then, once you move him around and the bandages loosen or fall away, frustration sets in. For your own sanity, we recommend putting all of the pieces on this figure and then permanently placing him on your shelf.

The ThunderCats Mega Scale figures are obviously not made for lengthy play, and their poses and accessories are there to make a more dynamic presentation for your shelf. In those regards, Mumm-Ra is awesome. If we were having him fight some of our more articulated toys, he wouldn't fair quite as well. We blame the skirt. For more on this awesome Mumm-Ra, and the upcoming Panthro, be sure to check out Mezco Toyz official website!

Stay tuned to MTV Geek for all your Mezco Toyz and ThunderCats coverage!

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