So You Want to Be a Game Designer? Richard Garfield Can Help

Opportunities to have an established game designer critique your prototype don't come along very often. They also don't typically come in such a unique form. Richard Garfield, the man behind Magic: The Gathering, Robo Rally, Netrunner, King of Tokyo, and more, has put himself up on eBay.

As you can see by the bidding in the recent screenshot above, you may be able to score Garfield's services at a bargain-basement price.

The auction is part of a larger series, all in support of Magic Cruise 2012, and Garfield is not alone in his endeavor. In order to help absorb some of the event's expenses, each of the cruise VIPs are auctioning off some personal service. In the mix are a few Magic: The Gathering pro players, such as Patrich Chapin and Luis Scott-Vargas, who are offering deck construction advice and draft tutoring, respectively.

If the lucky winner should happen to be on the cruise, Garfield will take two hours to play your game and provide feedback. Later, he'll finish the job with a one-hour Skype follow-up. All potential bidders are eligible, though. Those hopeful designers who can't make the cruise can still make separate arrangements to meet and communication with Garfield, although they'll have to cover any expense.

So what do you say? Think you've got the next Magic in your pocket? I think I know a guy who might be able to help.