Ilias Kyriazis Relives All of Life's Parties in 'It's My Party'

What if you could go back and relive every party from your entire life in one night? Would you do it? Would it be awesome? Would it be too embarrassing to handle? To horrifying? Those are the questions Greek comic creator Ilias Kyriazis poses in his comedic, fantastical one-shot It's My Party.

MTV Geek is featuring It's My Party in its entirety right here on the site, but before you break out your party shoes, check out what Kyriazis had to say about the inspiration and themes behind his tale of a life re-partied.

MTV Geek: Who is our main character in It's My Party?

Ilias Kyriazis: Peter is a guy who finds himself in a party. Something about it seems off to him and he soon realizes it's all the parties of his life happening at once.

Geek: How did you approach this story, from an artistic point of view?

IK: I wanted something bright and colorful. I wanted to use color to differentiate the various eras and place that make up the party. And the art style is a tiny bit cartoonier than my usual one to get across the weirdness of what Peter is experiencing.

Geek: What inspired it?

IK: Ha! I wish I could answer that. has asked me to develop a series for them and I was trying to come up with something that’d be fun to do. I always liked to draw parties (check this out ) so I started with a half baked idea about an “ultimate party” that quickly morphed into this concept of “all your life’s parties taking place at once”.

Geek: Did you pull any anything from your own life for this?

IK: More stuff than I'm willing to admit... But it's not a story one could call autobiographical, or even "slice-of-life".

Geek: If you could go back and experience all the parties from your life, would you?

IK: Knowing what I know now? Who wouldn't. I handled poorly most of the cool opportunities that I came across in various parties.

Geek: Do you like to shake it up with different projects?

IK: I really really do. More thematically than stylistically though. I want to try as many genres and types of stories as possible. I wanna do gore, I wanna do kid’s comics.

Geek: Are there certain themes you frequently return to?

IK: Not that one would be able to tell from my MTV Geek comic but I like romance stuff. And I like sci-fi fantasies about virtual worlds and such. Usually I revisit themes and genres until I’m happy with the result. If one day I do let’s say, “the best horror story” I could do, I won’t touch horror again.

Geek: How did you get started in comics?

IK: My professional career started when I won the first prize at a comics contest that a major Greek newspaper had organized and begun working for them. I went from a readership of zero to 80,000 people overnight. Sigh...those were the times. Lol. As far as American comics are concerned, meeting Scott Lobdell at a con was great help. He brought me to IDW and we did two of my first U.S comics together. Also: DC’s late, online imprint, Zuda. I won one of their contests and got to do my first English writing for them

Geek: Do you have any dream projects?

IK: There’s this sci-fi/horror/drama miniseries I wanna do. I’ve been trying to find a publisher. Fingers crossed.

Other than that there’s a long list of famous characters I wouldn’t mind drawing.

Geek: What's next for you?

IK: I’m drawing this year’s Vampirella annual for Dynamite. It’s a cool story where Vampi encounters uhm...another type of “vampire phenomenon”. Wink wink.

Find out more about Ilias Kyriazis at his official site.

You can read Kyriazis' It's My Party by clicking the image right here!