Astonishing X-Men, Batman Incorporated, and Irredeemable: New Comics For May 23rd

This new comics week is led – by default – by Marvel’s ASTONISHING X-MEN #50, featured recently on The View. What will probably get lost in the shuffle is that writer Marjorie M. Liu has been delivering a rollicking good X-Men tale in the best tradition of Chris Claremont, pitting the Mutants against some of their worst villains ever – and each other. So go for the buzz, stay for the actually good story.

Other Marvel releases in this AvX free week include AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #686, picking up after the apocalyptic cliffhanger at the end of last issue; FANTASTIC FOUR #606, which we know nothing about other than writer Jonathan Hickman has been on a roll lately with some superb, big ideas worthy of the moniker “fantastic;” and MIGHTY THOR #14, which is just a load of fun. You guys like fun, right?

DC, meanwhile, returns BATMAN INCORPORATED #1 to the New 52 with writer Grant Morrison and artist Chris Burnham, who was basically born to draw this series. Given the massive changes to the DCU, as well as the inconsistent tone of the last series, we don’t know what to expect… Other than it’ll be a must read.

Also musts? FLASH #9, which has been superb the last few issues, and is leading into the return of the Scarlet Speedster’s Rouges; and THE UNWRITTEN #37 from Vertigo, which somehow picks up after basically destroying the premise of the series a few issues ago.

Over at Dark Horse, we’re most excited about MIND MGMT #1, Matt Kindt’s journey into the world of psychic warfare – which makes it sound even less strange and fascinating than the book actually is. Image, meanwhile, delivers a great almost one-off with CHEW #26; and FOOT SOLDIERS, VOL 01 may have some clunky writing, but more than enough interesting ideas and great mike Oeming art to spare.

And last but not least, it’s the final issue of IRREDEEMABLE #37, wrapping up Mark Waid’s Superman gone bad saga. We’ve been putting off reading an advance of it, because we’re nervous about the series sticking the landing. But let’s be honest: it’s Waid… We’ll be fine.