Summer 2012 Geek TV Preview: Teen Wolf, Falling Skies, Futurama, And More!

Maybe it's because we have a bevy of geeky riches at the multiplex, but TV seems to have mostly given up geek TV fare this Summer. But don't worry, we scrounged up more than enough shows on the boob tube to keep your DVR full, and your message board comments angry. Here's the Geek TV shows we're looking forward to in Summer '12:

Hatfields & McCoys

When It Premieres: Monday, May 28th at 9pm on History Channel

Why We're Geeked: Okay, not strictly geek material, as this Western mini errs on the side of awesome action - but there's the History nerd in us hears the names of the second most famous warring clans in history (after the Capulets and the Montagues, natch) and a tingle goes up our spine. What can we say, we liked history class.

Teen Wolf

When It Premieres: Part 1 on Sunday, June 3rd at 11pm on MTV; Part 2 Monday, June 4th at 10pm

Why We're Geeked: WE ARE CONTRACTUALLY OBLIGATED TO BE GEEKED. But even if we weren't, the first season of Teen Wolf totally exceeded expectations, laying a groundwork for a cool new werewolf mythology, some exciting characters, and a great new setup that should continue to open up the world of the Alpha Dogs in new ways.


When It Premieres: Friday, June 8th at 10:30pm on IFC

Why We're Geeked: Full disclosure: we've known the host of this new "game show" for a long time. But that's also why we feel confident saying that New York comedian Kurt Braunohler's bizarre new show, which breaks every rule even as it sets them will almost definitely become your new cult favorite. Trust us on this one.

True Blood

When It Premieres: Sunday, June 10th at 9pm on HBO

Why We're Geeked: We're told this season is just ten hours of blood gooshing over naked women, while Alexander Skarsgard stands shirtless in the background yelling, "Sookie!!!" You know, like the last four seasons.


When It Premieres: Monday, June 11th at 9pm on ABC Family

Why We're Geeked: HAHAHA, no, no, we're not going to watch this show about a Vegas dancer moving to a small town to work at a tiny dance studio, even if it was created by Gilmore Girls' Amy Sherman-Palladino. We have so many better things to do, like... [RUNS OUT OF ROOM, SECRETLY SETS DVR]

Falling Skies

When It Premieres: Sunday, June 17th at 9pm on TNT

Why We're Geeked: We were a bit ambivalent about the first season of this alien annihilation series, but after the game-changing season finale, we're far more excited to see where things go. Plus, write Remi Aubochon is taking over as show runner, and he's had a successful run on some of our underrated favorite genre shows, from Caprica to Stargate Universe. We're tuning back in.


When It Premieres: Wednesday, June 20th at 10pm on Comedy Central

Why We're Geeked: We're back, baby! The best cartoon set in the far, far future ever (take that, Jetsons), Futurama rebounded from the mixed reception of their DVD movies with a great season of shows including some all time highlights. We can't wait for more Fry, Leela, and Bender on our TV screens. Oh, and Zoidberg, too.

Aqua Something You Know Whatever

When It Premieres: Sunday, June 24th at 11:45pm on Adult Swim

Why We're Geeked: Like the hot girl in school, the more ambivalent the titles of the show formerly known as Aqua Teen Hunger Force get, the more interested we get. We're also guessing it will be way weirder, so, you know... Yay.


When It Premieres: Thursday, June 28th at 10pm on FX

Why We're Geeked: The first season of this show was mixed, sometimes nailing it's dark disturbing humor, sometimes going far too broad. But hey: who doesn't love a talking dog? Oh, and Elijah Wood, of course. Whatever, it's on after Louie, and that's a must watch, so we'll just keep it tuned to FX. We're lazy like that.