The Top 10 Superhero Weddings Of All Time

Ah, the comic book wedding. Whether it’s Archie marrying Veronica, or Archie marrying Betty, or Archie marrying literally any other character in Riverdale who isn’t already hitched, we can’t get enough of our big romantic events. And superheroes make it even more fun, mixing powers with flowers in a heady mix of big emotion and - often - big action.

Coming up soon, we’ll get to see what craziness hits the newly engaged couple Northstar and his boyfriend Kyle, when they get married in Marvel Comics’ Astonishing X-Men #51. But until then, here’s the top ten superhero weddings of all time:

10. Spider-Man and Mary Jane

Despite having quite possibly the most iconic wedding cover of all time (and one of the best Spider-Man covers, ever), the issue inside is rushed, and focused far more of Mary Jane’s lack of decisiveness than any particular romance. That’s probably because the relationship itself was famously sped up in the comics, so that they could have Peter and MJ get married before they tied the knot in the Spider-Man newspaper strip. The same thing happened with Andy Capp, too. Not really.

9. The Flash and Linda Park

Despite being the fastest man alive, and an ace reporter, Wally West and Linda Park had one of the most grounded, fun relationships in comics. Their wedding though, went bonkers: Linda died, but then was brought back to life by Wally; then she was erased from history, Wally was sucked into the Speed Force and went insane, and reality was changed. Happily, they were able to fix everything, and a over a year after the wedding started, the pair said, “I do!”

8. Superman and Lois Lane

Interestingly, this long in the wings wedding was also prompted - like Spider-Man’s - by another form of media, though this time the comics were looking to beat the on camera wedding of Lois and Clark from “The New Adventures of Superman” TV show. What makes this wedding so great isn’t the story - which is fine - it’s that nearly every artist who had ever worked on Superman, from John Byrne to Curt Swan, had art featured in the “The Wedding Album” special. Also of note: the priest who married the two looked just like Superman creator Jerry Siegel, and can be seen later in the issue complaining that no one actually paid him for the wedding. Just kidding.

7. Snow White and Bigby Wolf

One of the unique couples in comics tied the knot in Vertigo’s Fables after they had been separated for years, and had seven children together. The eventual wedding was a relatively low key affair, by comic book standards, but perfect for the joining of two lead characters who are happy to be the supporting cast in their own story.

6. Luke Cage and Jessica Jones

What makes this wedding from New Avengers Annual #1 (Note: this would be the New Avengers Annual #1 from 2006, not the New Avengers Annual #1 from 2011... Thanks, comic book numbering!) such fun, beyond the fact that it brought together Cage and Jones - one of the most realistic couples in comic books - was the way writer Brian Bendis played with the wedding tropes. Rather than have a fight break out in the middle of the wedding, supervillains attack well before-hand... And the wedding itself goes off without a hitch. Except for the hitchin’ Jones and Cage do, of course.

5. Apollo and Midnighter

Throughout most of the run of Wildstrom’s The Authority, out and proud same sex couple Apollo and Midnighter weren’t allowed to do much more than hug. But in writer Mark Millar’s last issue on the series, not only did the two get married in a shower of superpowered light, they full on smooched on panel, in one of the first mainstream examples of a male on male kiss in comics.

4. Black Canary and Green Arrow

No wedding in comics beats Black Canary and Green Arrow’s from DC Comics for raucous amounts of fun. Should the long time on again off again couple have gotten married? Heck no, and even they knew it. But they were going to have a good time while they did, and the whole thing played out like a booze fueled rock concert, with multiple villain attacks, huge brawls, and even the final twist that Canary didn’t actually marry Arrow, just a doppelgänger. Oops!

3. The Vision and Scarlet Witch

One of our favorite weird comic book couples, the red Mutant and the android who cries fell in love, fought prejudice, and eventually got married in Limbo. Even an attack by the Dread Dormammu couldn’t stop them from expressing their love to each other. Later, their children were turned into a supervillain’s arms, the Witch went crazy and killed her husband, and then he came back as a kid or something. Married life, you know how it is.

2. John Constantine and Epiphany Greaves

This makes number two on our list just for the “you never thought it would happen,” factor. The chain smoking, cranky John Constantine seemed destined to die alone in an alley somewhere, until he married the several decades his junior alchemist Epiphaney Greaves. Now, they’ll probably die together in an alley somewhere, but at least they’ll make each other’s lives a little nuttier first.

1. Reed Richards and Sue Storm

This is the comic book wedding that set the standard for every comic book wedding that followed! Written by Stan Lee with art by Jack Kirby, Dr. Doom finds out Reed and Sue are getting ready to tie the knot, and uses an “emotion changing device” to make every super villain in the Marvel Universe attack the nuptials. This leads to every hero in the Marvel Universe fighting them in a battle royale, until the Watcher (you know, the guy who never gets involved) gives Reed a device that makes every villain forget they knew the wedding was going to happen. And to cap it all off? Stan Lee and Jack Kirby are kicked out of the wedding for not having invitations. Wedding issues don’t get better than this.

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Donna Troy and Terry Long, left off because, you know, Terry Long; and Scott Summers and Jean Grey, left off because they are quite possibly the most boring main couple in comics, ever.