Six Seasons And A Movie Art Show Celebrates 'Community' In Style

Okay, so maybe we're all a little conflicted about NBC's beloved sitcom Community right now, what with the show shunted to Friday nights snugly between Whitney and Grimm, and creator Dan Harmon shunted right off the show entirely. But it's time to get out of those doldrums, and celebrate three years of one of the most innovative shows on TV with PixelDrip Art Gallery's "Six Seasons and a Movie" exhibit!

Running June 23-24 at the Monk Space in Los Angeles, the collection of work by over 130 artists from around the world pays tribute to the characters, setting, and crazy ideas that ran through the first three seasons of "Community" - from the Darkest Timeline, to Paintball, and beyond. And the cooler part? The exhibit even includes some of the major contributors, writers, and producers behind the show amongst its talent:

“We continue to be astonished and humbled by the artists that have agreed to participate in the art show," said Mark Batalla, curator and manager of PixelDrip. "Any of these individuals is talented enough to have their own solo exhibit. Having the opportunity to gather their artwork under the same roof is a dream come true and one we would like to share with as many people as possible. We are also honored to have artists that have worked on ‘Community,’ such as Rob Schrab, Megan Ganz, Jim Mahfood, and Myke Chilian. The cast and crew’s close relationship with the fans is one that separates ‘Community’ from many television shows. This is our heartfelt tribute to both ‘Community’ and its fan base.”

Plus, throughout the weekend there will be contests and prizes in the true Greendale tradition! Looks like Pixel Drip may not have Britta'd this up after all. Not that we thought they would. To give you a little taste, here's a look at one of the pieces by Megan Lara, featuring Alison Brie as Annie from the classic "For A Few Paintballs More" episode, plus some other bits:

You can check out more info at Pixel Drip's website.