This All-New Frankenstein Looks To Be A HUGE Triumph for Mezco Toyz

Toy Fair 2012: Mezco Toyz Scares Up the Universal Monsters

As we roll ever closer to Halloween (Hey, it's only 5 months away!), it seems that the Universal Monsters have been scaring up lots of new action figures, and in a variety of scales, based on their classic likenesses. While a couple of companies have tossed their hat into the monster-making ring, Mezco Toyz has decided to bring out something so huge it has its own system of measurement: Monster Scale! That's right, Mezco has once again resurrected Frankenstein's Monster, (Check out their smaller version here.)and this time he clocks in at 18 inches tall! We first saw this guy filling up plenty of a display case in the Mezco booth during Toy Fair 2012, and every time we see new photos of him, we're reminded of how we can't wait to have that stylized corpse on our shelf-- and that we're gonna have to make a bigger shelf!

While the villagers fearfully ready their pitchforks and torches, read on to find out all the info on this stylized take on the patchwork abomination!

Mezco Unleashes Monster Scale Frankenstein

Mezco proudly presents one of the world’s most famous monsters…Frankenstein! Constructed by the infamous Dr Frankenstein from corpses, and resurrected by curious machines powered by a bolt of lightning, he terrorized the countryside.

Now he is brought to life by Mezco’s award-winning design team. This 18inch Monster Scale Frankenstein features eight points of articulation.

The Monster Scale Frankenstein is sure to become the focal point of any collection as it towers above all lesser collectibles.

Since being revealed at the New York International Toy Fair, the Monster Scale Frankenstein has generated some monster size buzz:

"The best large scale Frankenstein figure I've seen in decades!" -Philip Kim, Senior Manager Famous Monsters Of Filmland magazine

"The must have Frankenstein collectible of 2012!" - Mike Zohn of Discovery Science's Oddities

“Frankenstein done in a scale he so richly deserves - the best large scale version I've seen in years!"- Michael Crawford of

"Boris himself would love this "Frankenstein Monster." This figure looks fantastic!" - Cortlandt Hull - "The Witch's Dungeon Classic Movie Museum"

Each Frankenstein is packaged in his own collector friendly display box and ships in November 2012….just don’t tell the villagers.

For more on this Monster Scale Frankenstein, and all of Mezco Toyz' other tricks & treats, be sure to check out their official website!

Stay tuned to MTV Geek fro all your Mezco Toyz and Universal Monsters coverage!

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